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If we were to meet, it would be Mahoroba
Darkness. Let me see a dream where I am close to touching you, Owl.
Why am I considered partly hardcore again...? 
10th-Sep-2012 06:17 pm
Today I had a dental implant for my lost teeth. So far the first stage was quite fast to finish in just an hour or so. It wasn't so bad having a metal crammed up to my upper jaw, despite the dentist letting me see snapshots of my gum got cut to reveal the membrane inside it and how he explained that the surgery could've failed if the bone cracked by the metal during the bone grafting session.


The reason why I only know that after the surgery was because I requested to have my eyes covered over by a sheet so that the less I see, the less I know and worry.

It was only when the anaestathic began to wear off that the nightmare started.

First, agonizing pain. I don't know if it's the same or worse than that time when I had my wisdom teeth extracted. But since I can eat small bits of food, that is somewhat a shining light. Because of the pain, I can't smile or pull my upper lip up to assess the damage. Even my huner got stave off because of the pain.

Next, blood. Constant bleeding. And just to add the nightmarish element, a blood ball was formed and it looked horrible, as you can imagine. Crimson red bordering to black. Then it fell off and landed on my tongue when I was napping to take off some of the pain after taking painkillers.

I know unimaginable pain will happen after the surgery, but it still hurts. There was so much blood in my mouth that I got pretty used to the taste by now. I feel as though a membrane is trying to grow around my front teeth in order to heal the soft tissues....

That doesn't mean that this should pull you off from having dental surgeries, because eventually it'll get better. And hey, a metal crammed up to my jaw to become part of the family.

I've had root canal surgeries, had a dead tooth pulled off, got my wisdom teeth extracted, and now a dental implant. I'm more used to having a needle stabbed to my mouth than on my arm. So I'm somewhat hardcore to tolerate through all that pain.

Now I just need a week or two to get over with the pain.

That's allー(· ∀ ·)
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