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If we were to meet, it would be Mahoroba
Darkness. Let me see a dream where I am close to touching you, Owl.
What to do with this term's coursework... 
7th-Jul-2012 09:51 pm
I have to do a Powerpoint presentation and a coursework for this term's FES, which is now called FSS, and I have two choices in my mind:

Sherlock Holmes and its impact in fanfiction or,

Al Bowlly

I didn't know what to choose at first but in the I chose the latter, because the teacher told me that Sherlock Holmes is too common of a subject... and I have no interest in Sherlock Holmes, to be honest.

So Al Bowlly and his brilliant voice it is!

And this is how I relax other than listen to Yann Tiersen and classical music |3

That's allー(· ∀ ·)
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