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If we were to meet, it would be Mahoroba
Darkness. Let me see a dream where I am close to touching you, Owl.
It hurts so much... 
7th-Aug-2010 07:33 pm
Sitting down looking at the screen,
My eyes,   Gaped open    Like Death has come to me

All those months   You've kept quiet
Those silent warnings   Hit us hard

I can feel   These hearts you've nutured along
Break like crystal   Into a million directions
Each one confused and lost

"You should've told" They all say
You stayed quiet   Knowing what's done is done
You knew   That some of them knew too

But alas   Even they could not accept it well
Tears that have become rain as you looked on

Those quiet warnings   became one's nightmare
To know   "It happened"

"I know  I'm sorry"   You've answered

But then   A miracle happened
Those shattered crystal pieces  Started to link   To each other

One by one   Let's be close by
And promise,   we will continue to be there for you
7th-Aug-2010 11:45 am (UTC)
7th-Aug-2010 12:43 pm (UTC)
*gives you hug and cries along*
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